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The Kugelbake is a landmark of Cuxhaven and found on the city flag. The Kugelbake is located near the northernmost point of Niedersachsen and only 4,8 km away from the havenhostel Cuxhaven. Geographically the Kugelbake is where the Elbe ends and the North Sea begins.

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Sunbathing on a golden sandy beach, walking across the endless appearing, pieceful tideland, strolling along the promenade , endless shopping options, entertainment for young and old, numerous beach events in the “VGH Stadion am Meer”, and the diverse beaches such as Grimmershörn (2km), Döse (4,9 km), Duhnen (5,9 km) oder Sahlenburg (6,9 km) various restaurants.

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Island Neuwerk

Neuwerk is located in the midst of the “Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park”. Since 2011 this park has become part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It encompasses the entire Wadden Sea area of the Lower Saxony, Hamburg, and Schleswig-Holstein. The island Neuwerk is located northwest of Cuxhaven in the Elbe river mouth. You can reach it by boat, by foot, or by taking a wadden cart during low tide. It takes approximately 3,5 hours from the havenhostel Cuxhaven.

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Windstaerke 10

Wrack- und Fischereimuseum Cuxhaven From the dangers of the sea, from shipwrecks and the struggle for survival but also from the hard work on deck of the fish trawlers, the Cuxhaven maritime museum contains a fascinating and diverse exhibit for every age group. It is only 0,6 km walking distance from the havenhostel.

More information at www.windstaerke10.net

Dicke Berta

Admittedly it is a strange name for a lighthouse especially since the Dicke Berta is not even that voluminous. In comparison to its “sister” the “Schlanke Anna” in Osterende-Groden, the Dicke Berta is in fact a little more bulky. It is only 7 km away from the havenhostel Cuxhaven.

More information at www.dickeberta.de.de

Mudflat Hiking

The Wadden Sea National Park is one of the last natural landscapes in Europe. In 2009 the Wadden Sea was recognized as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and can now be compared to other natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon in the USA. Hiking through the Wadden Sea can be extremely relaxing.

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The Hapag-Hallen were built in the beginning of the 20th century and serve as a reminiscent thousands of american emigrants that started off their journey across the Atlantic Sea. The word “Hapag” stands for the “Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft” also referred to as Hamburg America Line. It is a transatlantic shipping enterprise established in May 1847. Besides a restaurant and viewing platform, the Hapag-Hallen showcases a permanent exhibit “Abschied nach Amerika”. It is 1,2 km walking distance from the havenhostel. 

More information at www.hapaghalle-cuxhaven.de


Approximately 70 km from the mainland a giant deep red cliff sticks out of the water - Helgoland! Helgoland is one of Germany’s only deep sea island advantaged by the climate of the Gulf Stream. The best part is, you can reach Helgoland from Cuxhaven directly by boat. To visit Helgoland in the Spring, Fall, and Winter please contact the shipping enterprise Cassen Eils for information at www.helgolandreisen.de.